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Off shore Jig-Zam Version II

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Hãng sản xuất: TENRYU
Mã sản phẩm::
Giá tiền: 8.580.000đ
Một số mặt hàng giá có thể phụ thuộc vào tỉ giá quy đổi, vui lòng liên hệ để biết thêm thông tin.

Chi tiết sản phẩm:

• One-piece rod that is stronger than its previous version model, while being slim / lightweight

• Rod blank painted durably to allow longer use

• Grip size (diameter/length) and position of guides / reel seat being specially refined as standard jigging rod

• Fuji'" stainless steel frame guides with SiC rings, plated with the material that is eco-friendly and corrosive-resistant

• Cushioning under-wrap made to these guides to be steadily fixed to the rod blank

Rod Description and Use:

JZVII591 S-3

• Effective for catching blue back fish living with jigs (approx.80g) at approx.sOm shallow sea areas inshore

• Semi-parabolic action


• Powerful rod enough to overwhelm power caused by the target fish at rocky points

• Tensile rod enough to help jigs (approx.200g) to take real life-like action

JZVII571 B-5

• Effective for jerking jigs (approx.120g) prone to receive water resistance

• Medium fast action helping anglers to handle the rod easily

JZVII571 S-5

• Effective for handling jigs (approx.120g) at approx.l OOm deep sea areas

• Flexible and powerful blank helpful for lifting up big fish


• Effective for short jerk at strong current

• Suitable for handling jigs approx.180g

JZVII631 5-2

• Technical rod effective for catching small/mediummsized blue back fish living inshore

• Medium fast action corresponding to various types of fishing in addition to short jerk

JZVII631 5-4

• Medium long rod effective for catching mediummsized/big blue back fish living in approx.l00m depth sea areas

• Medium fast action

JZVII631 5-6

• Effective for catching big blue back fish living at over 100m depth sea area

• Long stroke rod best to use with long jigs sliding a certain length

• Tensile rod with medium fast action

JZVII591 B-6

• Slightly tensile strong rod with semi-parabolic action

• Restrain excessive movement of metal jigs liked byamberjack

• Effective for jigging to catch not only blue back fish but also rockfish species

JZVII591 B-3

• Baitcasting rod easy to catch fish bite for fallen bait

• Effective for fishing small/medium-sized blue back fish and big cutlass fish

• Semi-parabolic action withstanding pulling power offish

JZVlI571 B-8

• Effective for fighting with target fish living near sea bottom, mainly with big jigs and jigs prone to receive water resistance

• Tensile rod with medium fast action

• Powerful rod overwhelming power of fish escaping between rocky points

Special Heavy Duty Jigging Rod JZVIIs61 5-20 (spinning type) / JZVIIs61 B-20 (conventional type)

• Designed for aiming at some big fish such as Amberjack and fish living between rocks at deep sea area or in strong current, using heavy metal jig up to 200z

• Gimbal attached at grip end, reducing fatigue anglers may feel by using with fish fighting belt

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